DutchCrafters Custom Furniture: An Interior Designer’s Dream

Meet Lorraine Blais of Blais Interiors, an interior designer who’s earned the nickname ‘Hurricane’ from her clients for the energy she brings to every project. Lorraine shares some secrets about her interior design process through the example of this Florida home. She designed this home with the help of DutchCrafters’ furniture experts. Lorraine learned the value of furniture customization through her selections of a number of pieces of custom wood furniture. In the end, she filled almost a whole house with DutchCrafters furniture and “couldn’t be happier” with the results. DutchCrafters offers solid wood furniture that is always made to order at DutchCrafters Custom Furniture. This Amish furniture is always made in America with top-notch quality controls to ensure a durable, authentic construction. DutchCrafters is your expert source for heirloom quality wood furniture. Blais Interiors is an interior design company working in Maine and Florida. 

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The home I think is a perfect example of where I took a house and made it into a home. This home has beautiful architectural design in it. It has rounded archways, it has tray ceilings, crown molding. I looked around I said it has a feel of a Santa Fe home but yet a little bit of a Montana home so I wanted to bring in Montana with beautiful horses a lot of beautiful wood and then also bringing in wrought iron which is very much a Santa Fe thing.
My nickname is Hurricane. I have a lot of energy and I put it in a good direction and that is getting things done. I have to admit I do live up to it.
I did what is called complete turnkey homes which is I build a home I’m involved with the design of it with the architect then when I’m done I completely furnish it down to food and refrigerator, toothpaste and toothbrushes. I love the design work of building homes. As a designer, you’re able to utilize space and see things a regular contractor doesn’t notice.
The design process, when I meet a new client I try to get involved in the client’s lifestyle the lifestyle will direct you on the type of home you should be designing for them. I had a client that had a brand new home and when I did my homework and did my research and found DutchCrafters, I immediately said, this is the people I need to go to, to get the finished look that I want. We’re dealing with professionals here that know the art of custom furniture. I was there for at least three days because I had a lot to buy. I don’t think I could have pulled off as much as I did–with all the different pieces, the different designs, the different woods, the different finishes–without Melanie’s help. And because I listened to what DutchCrafters had in mind, things came out absolutely incredible.
In the office, I was able to control the size and the depth of the desk. I was able to actually have them make the frame of the bed three inches longer so that when they use the mechanical part of it, the bedding stayed in place, so that was fantastic. I have beautiful patio furniture out there so I wanted the bar to match the staining of the patio furniture like it belong there. Was able to do that with DutchCrafters.
So we ended up with this whole house full of furniture from DutchCrafters, and I couldn’t be more pleased.
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