Modern Living Room Accent Chairs from the Precedent Collection

Notice the power of the living room accent chair. With clean, contemporary designs, Precedent chairs at DutchCrafters bring a modern aesthetic to your home. Modern living room chairs combine eye-catching design with a unique comfort that serves all your needs.
Pick from among dozens of chair designs, then choose a patterned fabric, colored fabric, or leather that will really make the piece pop. Even choose your favorite cushion for ultimate comfort. Don’t settle. Design your perfect chair.
The modern living room serves many purposes: family movie nights, watching the big game, and hosting guests. It needs to make the right impression and deliver unparalleled comfort. A modern, custom accent chair invites everyone in to sit back and relax. For more in furniture in a similar style, read about mid century modern furniture on our style page.
Re-think what your living room could be. Shop Precedent living room chairs today.
Transcript: Clean. Modern. Unique. Show other product photos Find yourself at home on a living room chair from Precedent. Start with your favorite design, from the high-backed Janis chair to the Mid-Century Modern Felix armless chair or the Sansa Chaise Lounge. Pick your ideal cushion. Then cover it with your choice fabric or leather upholstery. Feel great about your choice, with American-made quality that’s built to last. Re-think your living room. With a Precedent chair at DutchCrafters.
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