Precedent Sofa Sectionals: Modern Design, Custom Built for Your Home

A sectional perfect for family life, perfect for you. Make yourself at home in a Precedent sectional from DutchCrafters. First, come visit us. Then, pick your preferred sectional design. Customize the configuration. Choose your wood finish and upholstery. And enjoy the personalized comfort with up to five cushion options to choose from. Precedent sectionals make ideal family room furniture, with the comfort anyone can enjoy and a layout built specifically for your home. And with all our furniture made in America, you know you are getting the quality craftsmanship that will last for years to come. Contemporary-style furniture is popular right now, but the timeless designs of Precedent sectionals will last a lifetime. These modern style sofa sectionals offer the perfect mix of envy-worthy style and real comfort for your lifestyle. Rethink your living room, with a Precedent sectional at DutchCrafters.   Transcript:  Chic. Modern. Comfortable. Make yourself at home on a Sectional from Precedent. Design your own, with the customization options you’ve come to expect from DutchCrafters. Pick your sectional design. Customize your configuration. Choose your fabric and finish. And personalize the comfort, with five cushion options to choose from. Rethink your living room. With a Precedent sectional at DutchCrafters.

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