Don’t Buy This Table (An Honest Advertisment)

Let me be honest. DutchCrafters furniture isn’t for everyone. But we believe in the important things in life: building a life around love and kindness and creating a home to bring together family and friends. This is the world we want to be a part of. If DutchCrafters can help make that a reality in your life, check us out and give us a call. DutchCrafters is home to American made, solid wood Amish tables. Take a look for yourself, and see what kind of life you can create around a new dining room table. Transcript: Let me be honest. I am an advertiser. I want you to buy something you may not want. If solid wood isn’t your style don’t buy this table. If you can’t invest in long-lasting quality don’t buy this table. If this doesn’t work, match, fit in your home, don’t buy this table. If you eat in front of the tv don’t buy this table. But if you support American small business, quality craftsmanship, long-term investments, family heirlooms, building a lifestyle, and creating shared space for laughter, love, friends, family, life, you might want this table. DutchCrafters Custom Furniture Made in America

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