Welcome Home | Family Heirloom Quality Furniture by DutchCrafters (2018)

Make your house a home with the help of the wonderful furniture specialists at DutchCrafters. When the furniture itself is crafted with love and care, that commitment to quality sets the stage for things to come. Build a center point for your home that you can gather around for decades to come. 

The Benefits of an Amish Dining Table

  • Amish dining tables are a joy to use. Before even getting to the other arguments, it’s worth remembering how nice it is to have high-quality furniture. It’s sturdy. You never have to worry about structural integrity, weak parts, or poor connections. 
  • They offer features you may not find elsewhere. These include a variety of extension types, including ball-bearing slides, self-storing butterfly leaves, and stow-leaf extensions. Browse the huge collection of DutchCrafters tables and find the perfect extensions for your home! 
  • Amish tables make a stunning centerpiece to a dining room. There’s nothing like the beautiful finish of a smooth-sanded, stained and varnished, authentic woodgrain. That finish on Amish woodworkers’ beautiful table designs is sure to create an eye-catching piece to design your dining room around. 
  • These tables are built to last right here in America. They start with outstanding quality materials: solid American hardwoods, including Oak, Maple, and Cherry. Then, tables are designed with stability in mind. Finally, they’re built using the best construction joinery techniques such as mortise-and-tenons and dovetails. With proper care, an attentive owner can expect a solid wood dining table to last decades. Maybe even long enough to pass it on to a child or grandchild and create a family heirloom! 

Life is built in the home. Life is lived on the sofa, in the armchair, on the patio, and most of all, around the dining room table. But it takes work to make your house a home. It takes comfort, love, and laughter. Create a space for all of these with heirloom-quality furniture crafted here in America, from DutchCrafters

DutchCrafters Dining Furniture

We’re proud to offer quality home furnishings such as a dining room table that’s perfect for your family dinner, Thanksgiving dinner, or another holiday dinner around the table. This family dining table has a special place in the American life. We hope each and every family has the right table for their unique lifestyle and routines. Perhaps this video says it best: 

Home. A place to settle down. A place to call your own. It’s home base. A workplace. A starting point. And a conclusion. A place to host. And gather with those you love the most. But it’s only a house until you make it home. 

Contacting Us at DutchCrafters

We’re prepared to let you make your entire order online. Browse products, select options, and place your order—all without talking to anyone, if that’s what you prefer. But we know that it doesn’t always go so smoothly, which is why we’re available to help. If you can’t find the products or options you’re looking for, you need help ordering stain samples, or you’d like to customize your piece beyond the options listed, please get in contact with us! You can chat from the chatbox right here on the website or contact us by phone or email! Our team of furniture specialists is ready to help make your ideas a reality. 

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