The Ruff Sawn Collection is pure bliss for fans of rustic furniture. This solid wood furniture is rugged yet warm, strong and sure, and full of character.  Thick rich dining tables, cozy bedroom furniture and rough sawn benches are all handcrafted with solid rough sawn wormy maple wood and have a textured look and feel.

The Rough Sawn Technique 

The Ruff Sawn Collection features wood furniture that is made with lumber that is “rough sawn” or as close to the condition of the original cut as possible.

Natural rough sawn lumber=saw marks are left in the wood instead of being sanded out.

Simulated rough sawn lumber=markings are made on the wood with special tools.

Characteristics of Rough Sawn Furniture:

  • Markings in the wood add texture and character
  • Features large flat areas, straight edges, thick legs and thick tops
  • Warm rustic look
  • Rough sawn wood paired with metal accents also works for contemporary or industrial styles

Rough Sawn or Reclaimed? What’s the Difference? 

Rough sawn lumber involves man made markings, so there’s a more uniform look for the finished product and less color variation. Reclaimed wood furniture’s exposure to the elements means lots of imperfections in the wood due to weather and wear.


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