Honor Run Furniture Collection

Committed to excellence at every step of the way, our Honor Run Furniture Collection offers heirloom quality furniture you can pass down for generations. Available in Smooth Poplar or Eastern White Pine, with hundreds of custom combinations. You are sure to find a match for your home in this collection!

Amish Solid Wood Construction

The spark that became Honor Run Furniture began long before its opening in 2014. As a child working in their grandfather's woodshop, building Amish Cedar Chests, the founder first discovered their love for building with wood.

Using environmentally efficient, old-world building techniques, advanced production techniques, and the highest levels of quality control, this collection is good for the planet and your wallet. With options ranging from traditional to modern, you can create a custom piece to match your unique design.

Choose Your Style

A unique feature of our Honor Run Furniture Collection is its two distinct style options for all its products.

Country Accents

Amish Narrow Bookcase - Style: Country Accents with Distressed Black Paint Finish

This furniture features smooth-grain eastern white pine or poplar passed through a multi-step, hand sanding process to produce a refined look. Enhanced by the raised panel doors and a wide choice of finishes and colors, these classic pieces easily satisfy a wide range of styles.

Rustic Traditions

The Rustic Tradition Line uses rough-sawn wood and sturdy, no-nonsense construction. The slab doors and specially selected hardware perfectly complement the rich texture of the rough-sawn wood blending with any decor.

Pine vs. Poplar

With both options available on all products, it may be tricky deciding on the perfect wood for your order. No matter your choice, your furniture will remain beautiful for generations.

Benefits of Pine Wood Furniture

Traditionally, pine wood would only show up in colonial, rustic, and craftsman-style furniture pieces. However, thanks to advanced building techniques and their speedy growth, pine is starting to appear in more modern styles.

  • Color. Because of its light color, pine furniture has a versatile look that can emphasize various colors, patterns, and other details in your décor.
  • Finishing. Pine gives you a wide variety of finish options, including stain and paint. Or let the natural wood shine with a clear coat. Pine takes various finishes well for quality results no matter what finish option.
  • Durability. Pine is very stiff, making it durable and strong when used in furniture.
  • Lightweight. While furniture made from pine is sturdy and still moderately heavy, it is lighter than other hardwood options. Easily rearrange your space with the lower weight.
  • Shock resistant. Pine is resistant to shock, which helps minimize impact damage. Like, when little monkeys are jumping on the bed, for example.
  • Distinctive look. Pine has a distinct look with its dark knots and light wood color.
  • Rapid Growth. Because pine trees grow so fast, the trees cut down are quickly replaced with new growth, making pine an ideal investment for the planet and your home.
  • No shrinking or swelling. Pine is resistant to the damage caused by humidity changes, meaning it won't warp like other woods, easily maintaining its original shape.
  • Budget-Friendly. Because of the rapid regrowth and easy care, pine is an excellent option for Amish solid wood furniture on a budget.

Benefits of Poplar Wood

Poplar wood is a utility hardwood used to make almost anything, including furniture, pallets, frames, and much more, while also popular with interior design.

  • Color. Poplar is a tropical hardwood with a creamy, white color and red-brown to gray grain streaking through.
  • Even texture. Poplar has a smooth surface with minimal knots and sap marks for easy sanding and finishing.
  • Easy Finishing.Because of the light color and naturally smooth surface, all colors of stains and paints are available.
  • Strength. Even with a lower Janka hardness value than others, poplar wood is the preferred wood for industrial uses due to its durability.
  • Lightweight. Like to rearrange your space? Poplar wood is lighter, despite being harder than most softwoods, such as white pine.
  • Humidity Friendly. Poplar wood has a unique, tight graining pattern, making it resistant to warping and shrinkage.
  • Pest Resistant. Poplar is resilient to fungi, bugs, and other disease-causing pests inside and outdoors.
  • Renewable resource. Poplar wood is an excellent choice for the planet, thanks to its speedy growth.
  • Easy to Build. Because of the stability of poplar, it is a top choice for painted furniture.

Honor Run Furniture Collection

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