Why are there delays in the furniture world?

Recently tried shopping for a car? Or a washing machine? Or bought groceries? Or...well-tried to get anything done on a timeline? If you have, then you know exactly what we're talking about. Delays! No matter where you go or what you're purchasing, you're seeing significant delays across many, if not all, industries. This, unfortunately, doesn't exclude us! Here's what's going on: 

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Supply Chain Disruptions 

Supply chain disruptions are a huge factor in delays in the furniture industry, including ours. Our Amish woodworkers handcraft all our solid wood furniture using traditional methods. Lumber, drawer glides or hinges, and wood glue are just a few examples of important things needed to build our handcrafted furniture, and currently, those parts are harder than ever to come by. In the past, minor supply chain disruptions didn't affect the build times for our solid wood furniture. Our Amish woodworkers had backup options available, and if a certain hinge or type of glue became harder to find, they could switch to another option, even if it meant the profit margin decreased. Nowadays, even the backup options are scarce, causing significant delays in build times.

Most of the woodshops are smaller family-run operations. While they wait on delayed parts to come in, they continue to build what they can. These smaller shops are not meant to house furniture long-term, so they became crowded pretty quickly. While some customers can wait, some just can't, and half-built orders got canceled. Combine the supply chain disruptions, influx of orders, and the unfortunate cancellation of half-built orders, and you're bound to see delays.  

Employee Shortages 

Not only are the Amish dealing with supply chain shortages - they are experiencing employee shortages as well. Most Amish woodshops are family-owned and operated, and while many of them still work with their families, some of the shops just can't find additional help. This also adds to the delay you're experiencing! 

What Can We Do to Help?

As much as we'd like to snap our fingers and solve the issues - we're not magicians. While we know some customers can wait, some just can't. Your daughter may be understanding of her baby shower gift coming after the baby is born, but your daughter-in-law may not. If you need one of our solid wood hope chests or solid wood trunks in a timely fashion, we've got some options! Here is a list of handcrafted Solid Wood Hope Chests and Trunks, all available with customizable options and under 20 weeks!  

hope chests and trunks available in under 24 weeks
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