Bontrager Dining Collection

Having been a leader in the Northern Indiana furniture industry for over two decades now, the Amish furniture artisans behind our Bontrager Collection have built a solid reputation on the quality of their work. Emphasizing attention to detail, these Amish furniture artisans go by the motto, "The closer you look, the better we look."

  Back in 1994, the Bontrager Collection began with a focus on the Mission style. Today, they've expanded to encompass over 40 traditional and contemporary American furniture styles, and their original Royal Mission dining room table design stands alone in regards to design quality and detail.

   The Bontrager Collection furniture crafting process all begins with wood-selection. The Bontrager Collection hand-selects only the finest American hardwoods to be used in the craftsmanship of their heirloom furniture.


   This superior American woodshop truly believes in the uniqueness and authenticity of each heirloom furniture piece they produce. To these men and women, furniture craftsmanship is more than a means to a profit - they hold each piece of furniture, and even every cut of wood close to their heart. Master woodworker and leader in 20th century furniture designs George Nakashima once wrote, "When trees mature, it is fair and moral that they are cut for man's use, as they would soon decay and return to the earth. Trees have the yearning to live again, perhaps to provide the beauty, strength and utility to serve man and even to become an object of artistic worth." - It is with this philosophy in mind that the craftsmen of the Bontrager Collection craft each piece of Amish furniture.

   DutchCrafters often coordinates Amish furniture from multiple woodshops to one location for a uniform finish. Furniture within the Bontrager Collection is constructed and finished in the same woodshop to guarantee the quality standards expected by the woodshop's master craftsman. In the finishing process, Bontrager Collection craftsmen strive to bring out the rich natural beauty and character of each piece of wood. These wood characteristics give each piece of solid wood furniture its unique charm, and, although the finishing processes are identical , no two pieces will be exactly the same.

   The superior Amish furniture within our Bontrager Collection is also confidently backed by a two-year warranty period. Should your furniture waver due to a material or workmanship-related defect, it will be repaired or replaced at no additional cost to you. Minor cracks and splits due to seasonal humidity changes are not seen as a defect, however, but as an inherent trait of open-grained hardwoods that only adds to the pieces character and value.


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