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Cherry Wood Furniture-The Lowdown

admin 13/01/2014

You Put Cherries On Top For A Reason! Why cherry wood? There are so many wood choices, is there really a difference? YES! Related Posts Things to Know About Rustic Quarter Sawn White Oak Wood Wood that’s quarter sawn is cut differently, resulting in unique patterns that are stunning to see on a piece of Read more Three Popular Amish Furniture Wood Stain Colors Wood stain colors can make or break the look of wood… Cherry Wood Furniture-The Lowdown

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The Amazing Abilities of Cedar Wood

admin 31/12/2013

Many different options exist for the materials you can use for outdoor structures and furniture. I would like to discuss the benefits of one such material, cedar wood. Cedar has many great qualities that make it one of the most suitable types of wood for outdoor use. It repels rot and insects, it’s durable, beautiful, and smells great! Related Posts Making Room to Grow: Furniture for a Shared Bedroom Siblings may argue, but at the… The Amazing Abilities of Cedar Wood

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