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How to Start your Spring Cleaning . . . RIGHT NOW

Jayca Pike 01/04/2014

Welcome to April! What better way to greet the month of showers than tackling the granddaddy of all chores — the Spring Clean. Now, we all know that making a list is pretty much the best method of procrastination, ever. Luckily for the stellar procrastinator in all of us, it can also prove wildly useful when you literally can’t get to the task. Ahead, how to use spare moments (like, you know, the ones that… How to Start your Spring Cleaning . . . RIGHT NOW

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Upgrade On the Way!

Jayca Pike 28/02/2014

Think back through the winter. Yes, this past winter — this long, arduous trudge of never-ending and bitter winter. Think about the snow and the ice and the wind and the frozen toes, noses, cars and windows. Then think further back, before everything turned bleak and formidable. In fact, try thinking about this time last year.

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The Amish of Pinecraft

Jim Miller 04/12/2013

Amish of Pinecraft This blog post was updated on June 6, 2019. Pinecraft is a neighborhood of about 3000 Amish and Mennonites in Sarasota, Florida.  It’s a tourist destination for Amish and Mennonites from all over North America, in addition to being a point of curiosity for other visitors to Sarasota who might do a double-take when they see an Amish boy roller-blading down Bahia Vista Street or several Amish teenagers walking back from the… The Amish of Pinecraft

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