Ep. 2: Stories from the Wood Shop

Jake Smucker 21/10/2020
The Amish Furniture Podcast
The Amish Furniture Podcast
Ep. 2: Stories from the Wood Shop

In Episode 2 of the Amish Furniture podcast, Stories from the Wood Shop, Milca and Beth invite DutchCrafters employees into the podcast to tell stories from their experiences with Amish woodworkers. From a 4-course breakfast to a buggy ride through the ice cream drive-thru, here are 6 funny, surprising, and sweet stories from Amish country that might teach you a thing or two along the way.

Themes of the Stories from the Wood Shop

Stories are about more than times, places, and people. We like to have fun on our trips, and we hope these stories will entertain you, but there’s more to it. You’ll hear themes repeated throughout the stories that hint at

Building Relationships

It becomes abundantly clear when listening to these stories that the most memorable parts of visits to wood shops isn’t the incredible woodworking skill on display…it’s the connections we make with our woodworkers along the way! Out Amish woodworker “extended family” is about so much more than sending orders and making furniture. As the Amish folks in our lives put relationships first, it makes it so much easier to follow their example. That helps us build trust and build lasting relationships together.

Early Mornings at the Wood Shop

One theme of this podcast is the experience of getting up very early in the morning to mirror our woodworkers’ schedules and start work long before daybreak. This practice of early rising to get to work makes for an efficient day and great productivity! It doesn’t hurt that those mornings often include an Amish breakfast.

Sharing Food Together

Breaking bread together goes beyond formal communion in church services; the sharing of food has long been a form of shared trust in Christian traditions. And the Amish embrace this like nobody else. This experience of our Amish woodworkers taking us out to eat, inviting us in for a meal in their home, or bringing homemade treats to share with us comes up throughout the podcast for good reason: Amish families make hospitality central to their way of life. And we’re blessed to enjoy those experiences with them.

More Stories from Amish Country

Like what you heard in the podcast? Interested in learning more about the Amish?

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Beth and Milca also quoted from the blog articles “Traveling Amish Country” & “Woodworking and Whoopie Pies” in this episode. Read both blogs for more stories, quotes, and anecdotes about our time with Amish woodworkers.

Or, if you’ve heard enough and you’re just ready to see some furniture, get started right here at DutchCrafters or wherever you prefer shopping for Amish furniture.

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