Ep. 10: Is Amish Furniture Worth the Price?

Jake Smucker 17/02/2021
The Amish Furniture Podcast
The Amish Furniture Podcast
Ep. 10: Is Amish Furniture Worth the Price?

What does Amish furniture cost? Is the value worth the price? With the high price tag on Amish furniture, we understand why you’d have these questions about Amish made furniture. And in the final episode of Season 1 of the Amish Furniture Podcast, brought to you by DutchCrafters, we address them with the help of some new and old friends. 

In this episode, Beth and Milca welcome back Shannon and Jim to help answer this question. Then they’re joined by Kari-Jo, Marina, and Debra, who all contribute their thoughts and stories on the value of Amish furniture. 

Answering the question: What’s the value of Amish Furniture?

The value of Amish furniture goes beyond the initial price; when you order furniture you can feel good about that’s customizable, heirloom-quality, and a joy to own, that’s a purchase that’s worth the price. So listen now to our stories from wood shops, homes, and stores from Beth, Milca, and their guests. 

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