Ep. 8: Behind the Scenes at an Amish Furniture Show

Jake Smucker 02/02/2021
The Amish Furniture Podcast
The Amish Furniture Podcast
Ep. 8: Behind the Scenes at an Amish Furniture Show

Where do Amish woodworkers go to sell their furniture? Believe it or not, just like other industries, a trade show! This week on The Amish Furniture Podcast, we’ll hear all about the shows from two people who have attended these Amish furniture shows: Milca and Natalie.

Milca and Natalie will fill you in on all the juicy details: the furniture, the conversation, and, of course, the tasty treats. Listen now for Natalie and Milca’s favorite furniture at the shows and behind-the-scenes stories from their trips. We’ll take you through what it’s like to visit an Amish furniture market.

See pictures and read more from Milca’s trip on the blog Inspiration from the NIWA Expo

Furniture Collections mentioned in this episode include:
Bontrager Dining Collection
American Gun Cabinet Collection
Berlin Office Collection

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