The Modern Hunter’s Man Cave: 3 Ways with a Wood Gun Cabinet

Jayca Pike 30/04/2015

From the Northeast to the Southwest, many celebrated fathers consider hunting an important part of both their and their children’s upbringing. Whether part of a subterranean man cave, an upscale lodge on the lake, or a backwoods huntin’ camp (that’s what my Grampy called his), storing the tools of the trade in a safe, wood gun cabinet is a surefire way to class the place up a touch.

1. An En-DEER-ing Wood Gun Cabinet

Think More English Countryside, Less Dense Forest

The Modern Hunter's Man Cave - English Countryside Hunting Lodge by DutchCrafters You can buy this wood gun cabinet with a plain front to suit your tastes.

We see wide open prairie outside that glorious window/door. The big sky of Montana. Or, you know, a rolling English countryside, but that one’s a little beside the point. The idea here is luxury, unabashed and slightly preppy luxury to boot. Just shy of an 18th-Century sitting room, the high backs on all of the seating encourage you to sit up straight (just as your mother told you). An antique rug and heavy drapes save the large space from feeling too airy, and the identical symmetrical floor lamps further ground the room.

This hunting room is very to-the-manor-born, and fits with a more sophisticated hunter than you might originally envision. Leather-bound books, wool ivy caps, and tall riding boots tucked into a corner all feel right at home in this modern hunter’s getaway.

2. An Infallible Oak Wood Gun Cabinet

This Collected Cabin is full of Heirlooms

A Collected Cabin of Heirlooms with a wood gun cabinet by Dutchcrafters

Just right for generations, this cabin full of treasures includes an unassuming oak wood gun cabinet for unscripted trips

Now this is more my Grampy’s style. Of course, you’d have to wear the cushions on all of the furniture down to thread, lay down a thick layer of dust and/or pipe ash, and add some mud-caked tromping boots . . . but in essence? This is what I grew up knowing as a hunter’s man cave. There was a fireplace for the bitter Northern-Maine nights, plenty of varied trophies, and pieces of furniture that had already been in that cabin for decades when I first laid eyes on it (and somehow looked all the better for it).

For various uncles, cousins, and good ol’ friends, a solid wood gun cabinet safely held extra rifles, the summertime fridge had extra lemonade, and the front door had a welcoming row of fishing rods. While this kind of hunter’s spot may not be as “classy” as the others, it’s certainly in a class all its own!

3. Room for Two (times six!) Wood Gun Cabinet

A Man-Cave with More at Heart

Make Your Mark (and Hit your Mark!) wood gun cabinet by Dutchcrafters

The wreath above the mantle, the gorgeous matching wood gun cabinet, the sconces, and the presence of greenery tell us a woman had a hand in this man cave!

Ok, sure, it’s a little sexist to assume that only men enjoy hunting, or that all man caves are solitary dungeons of sports memorabilia, guitars, and homemade breweries. But there is a very definite sort of man cave personality that allows a significant other in, sort of a shared room of appreciation, if you will. This lake house of deep, dark wood with bright red accents has all the markings of a life built for two, including a 12-gun cabinet for featuring fine firepower from both sides of the family.

Tufts of greenery allow some air into the den-like room, and it’s a safe bet that a well-stocked bookshelf lines the fourth wall. This equal-opportunity hunting den is made for savoring peace, tea, and the chilly spring rain often found in the mountains, from the low Rockies to the high Carolina kind.

Were you brought up bonding with a hunting lodge? Or do you have one, now?

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