4 Wood Garden Seats for Your Outdoor Nook

Jayca Pike 02/03/2015

Sometimes, all you need to complete a dream is the right place to sit and ponder it. Hidden in a sprawling English garden, or tucked under a single leafy tree, a cozy outdoor nook with wood garden seats can fit perfectly into your daydreams.

Glorious Gliders

Handcrafted Pine Wood Curve Back Swivel Porch Glider

A dark stain on these Pine Wood Gliders contrasts the bright porch behind

Ever more luxurious than your typical, everyday wood porch rocker (which is a classic that we love, by the way), Pine Wood Porch Gliders nestle right in under the hustle and bustle of this property’s main porch. Fluffy hydrangea bobble in the breeze, and lanterns await intimate nighttime conversations in this open-air nook. The darker take on pine wood gives some additional, visual separation between the upper porch area and what we assume is the oft-overlooked lower section.

Prefer some time to yourself? Try this exuberant, abundant nook:

Handcrafted Pine Wood Curve Back Swivel Porch Glider

The pine wood glider looks just as charming all on its own

Restful Rockers

Outdoor Contoured Rocking Chair

Wooden, contoured rocking chairs and a bistro table complete a leafy hideaway

Peek down a winding garden path to discover a charming setup, complete with a bistro table and third chair for extra company. Two contoured-back rocking chairs beckon outdoor company to a secluded spot off a larger, more intricate and public garden. Here, gatherings are quiet, lemonade and tea still flow freely, but a tall, imposing tree provides shade and communion with the landscape.

Pine Wood Handcrafted Fan Back Outdoor Rocking Chair

Artistry in action, as these fan-back rockers offer up a quick rest on a brisk walking path

On an entirely different path, these two pine wood fan-back outdoor rockers provide an open nook just slightly to the left of a wide, easy walking path. This setup is ideal for sharp corners or cul-de-sacs in a larger garden, or along on a longer, manicured driveway.

Bewitching Bench

Amish Wood High Back Heart Park Bench

Truly a look to love! Perfectly placed inside a romantic white arbor, awash in flowers, this pine wood high back heart bench practically sings its own love songs. Reminiscent of a garden wedding, this bench is made for cuddling and canoodling while taking in activity on the sweeping lawn before it – maybe the grandchildren are playing badminton? Or the dogs are rollicking? This magical sort of setting is just shy of a garden fairy serenade! 🙂

Wood garden seats – benches, gliders, and rockers alike – all benefit from their ability to blend in with your landscaping. Organic and naturally beautiful, you’ll have just about zero difficulty finding a seat that sinks right into its garden surroundings.

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