Father’s Day Gift Picks

Jayca Pike 04/05/2015

We’d like to offer a warm welcome back to Interior Designer Emily Wignall, presenting her favorite Father’s Day gift ideas to us, straight from her blog, Anatomy of Design. Get Dad in your corner with these great ideas for a “Dad’s Corner”!

From Emily:

I spent lots of time decorating my house exactly the way I want it, since my husband doesn’t really have an opinion on most things.  BUT, he does have a few sacred spaces in our home that he is particular about and doesn’t want me to mess with, unless I am improving them. And, these sacred spaces are what inspired my ideas for Father’s Day this year.

My husband works from home several times a weeks so his office area is valuable space #1 in our house.  He also loves to play games with our family and friends so a spot to play games is space #2.

Father's Day Gift Idea - Dad's Corner by DutchCrafters

This space could surround dad with some of his favorite things – including a drink stand for his morning coffee!

And, finally he loves to relax at the end of the day (who doesn’t) and has a special corner, complete with a comfortable Eames chair, his guitars, and a place to set down his iPad or kindle in the corner of our bedroom…sacred space #3.

I can’t tell you what I am doing exactly for Father’s Day, since he so kindly reads this blog of mine.  But, I hope these ideas inspire gift ideas for the fathers in your own life!

Father's Day Gift - Creative Corners  Designed for Dad for WORK by DutchCrafters

Keep his focused time at work ON WORK by incorporating a clean, minimalistic desk into an office corner.

Whether your hubby or father works from home on a legitimate basis (like Emily’s) or on more of a relaxed schedule (a friend of mine had an entire office desk devoted to building tiny replicas), clearing the space for him to do so is a viable Father’s day gift. Whether that means a new, modern desk that gets down to business, or just declaring a corner “toy-free,” any Dad would appreciate a little area for his activities alone.

Father's Day Gift - Creative Corners  Designed for Dad for PLAY by DutchCrafters

Bonding with Dad over a game or two is pretty standard – a dedicated game table makes the idea that much more accessible

What’s your family game night look like? Raucous events with overturned boards, or more civil activities like Chess or little-ones-welcome Checkers? Either way, all the dads we know are great teachers, and it’s so special for a father to take a child aside for some alone time. A game table set up in a family room corner means Dad can take that special time without disrupting the rest of the family.

Father's Day Gift - Creative Corners  Designed for Dad for RELAXATON by DutchCrafters Here’s an idea . . . give Dad a reading corner with a lounge chair to sink into at the end of a long day, plus a small table for a book and reading glasses

What Father’s Day Gift list would be complete with a sturdy, comfy, manly lounge chair? We almost don’t need to sing the praises or extol the virtues of a solid wood lounge chair, but let’s just remind you that black leather + hand-hammered studs + gorgeous Amish handcrafted wood does, in fact = very happy Father’s Day!

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