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What the Amish Read

Beth Rice 22/09/2022

Ever wonder what the Amish read? Always popular on Timber to Table, are our guest posts by Erik Wesner. Erik runs the Amish America website ( and YouTube channel ( Welcome back Erik! Amish people tend to be big readers. This makes sense when you consider they generally don’t indulge in digital entertainment like most of the rest of us. Reading “dead-tree” sources like books and monthly publications not only fills Amish “down time,” it… What the Amish Read

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Wood Bookcase Buying Guide

Beth Rice 08/09/2022

Isn’t it great that a beautiful wood bookcase doesn’t have to be limited to an office? With so many designs and features available, the bookcase can find its place in a number of areas throughout the house. To help you find what will work best for you, we’ve put together a wood bookcase buying guide. Start with measurements. As with any furniture purchase, you’ll want to start by measuring the space you have to work… Wood Bookcase Buying Guide

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Amish Bunk Bed Q & A

Beth Rice 01/09/2022

The bunk bed is often viewed as a kid’s bed, a fun bed and a space saver. While these attributes are accurate, there’s more to bunk beds that can take them beyond the kid’s bedroom. How do they measure up and what else do they offer? Time for an Amish bunk bed Q & A. What are bunk beds? Bunk beds consist of two bunks (narrow beds) that make use of vertical space and are… Amish Bunk Bed Q & A

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