5 Furniture Items for Hygge Style

Beth Rice 25/01/2024

There are plenty of reasons to embrace hygge. What is hygge? Hygge is a Danish concept that’s been part of the Danish culture since the early 1800s. It embraces a feeling of cozy contentment. It’s the high that comes from enjoying the simple things in life. A sunset, the warmth of a fireplace, a comfy bed on Saturday morning–these are all examples that can bring on that “hygge feeling.” Dressing for a formal event, working your way through rush hour traffic, opening your closest that desperately needs to be organized—these are not so hygge moments.

There’s nothing quite like that calm, pleasant feeling hygge brings. How can you furnish a room that’s more conducive to hygge style? Here are five furniture items we suggest for a hygge style household.

5 Furniture Items for a Hygge Home

A Recliner

Recliners are chairs we look forward to. They’re supportive yet soft and offer seating for a variety of activities. You can catch some hygge in a recliner while you relax in it watching a feel good movie. If you love delving into a good book, the recliner is perfect for setting up a hygge-like activity of reading in your recliner with your book and throw blanket.

The McCoy Recliner in choice of fabric or leather is perfect for creating a calm reading nook or living room area you can relax in.

A Coffee Bar

There’s nothing quite like taking a break with a drink that soothes you. Whether you’re a coffee lover, tea drinker, juicer, or it’s hot chocolate that helps you feel relaxed, you can make any of these simple pleasure drinks at a coffee bar.

This Amish made Coffee Bar Cabinet offers room to organize to keep your counter free of clutter. A special drawer holds your favorite drink pods. Hang up your favorite mugs on the hooks. Just the sight of a favorite mug can bring on some hygge happy!

A Fireplace

Cozy and warm, a fireplace has all you need to create a hygge-like spot in your home. Enjoy the relaxing feel the gentle flames put out as they provide warmth. An electric fireplace is even better as it eliminates the stress of clean up for you. Just click a few buttons on the remote and your fireplace offers a great place to gather and relax. Put on your favorite music fireside and enjoy.

The Seneca Electric Fireplace comes with a remote for convenient controls. You can get creative and select the flame colors, speeds and brightness levels. It’s completely portable and you can set it up in bedroom, living room, office or anywhere you want to create a calm and cozy space.

A Bed

Just the thought of slipping into cozy pajamas with some fuzzy slippers sounds heavenly. Your bedroom is a haven and the bed becomes a source of nourishment for rest and relaxation. There’s nothing like sleeping on a weekend morning or having your tea or coffee in bed while reading a good book.

The Edna Sleigh Bed is warm and welcoming, gentle and romantic. Just the sight of it offers a great chance of hygge satisfaction and happiness.

A Dining Table

Gathering at the dining table for birthday parties, puzzles, games, projects and, most of all, daily meals brings people together and is likely to create some hygge moments. Just the feeling of being together and enjoying food, games, and each other’s company are all activities supported by the family dining table.

The Heritage Leg Dining Table in solid wood is a strong and sturdy table that’s ready to host all your moments gathered together.

We hope you find the perfect furniture to create an atmosphere most conducive to hygge style. It’s all about keeping it simple and creating your own personalized comfort zones to be used with friends and family as well as by yourself.

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