5 Ways to Organize your Living Room with a Bookcase

Jayca Pike 13/04/2015

How’s your living room feeling this spring? Light? Tidy? Primed & ready for swarms of summer visitors? If your answers are shrugs and sighs and shakes of the head, let Emily Wignall from Anatomy of Design show you some clever ways to organize your living room with one simple piece: the bookcase!

1 . Bookshelves as a TV Stand

Bookshelves as Media Storage in Your Living Room

Our Grand River Console bookshelf makes fantastic media storage!

We love the idea of tucking blankets and media into this bookshelf for an impromptu living room slumber party and movie night!

2. Office Console as Side Table

Marcelle Office Console

Think outside the office! This Marcelle console works just as well in comfier settings

A daintier bookshelf (or console, if you like) aids every day living room function with proper shelves for everything that seems to end up on the coffee table.

3.  Bookshelf Turned Sofa Table

Omni Media Console as a Sofa Table

A minimalistic addition to your maximalistic (is that a word?) lifestyle

Divvy up an open living room with an equally airy set of shelves from our Omni collection — the sleeker design is a welcome addition to the chaotic of spaces.

4. A Bookshelf as A Wall

Amish Modern Bookshelf

The modern design of this bookshelf is divine for uncluttered display

Some people hang curtains, some purchase screens or hang beads to separate a small living room – our favorite small-space definer is this modern bookshelf. It practically forces you to style its shelves with pretty, prim items to view from any room . . . all neatly organized, of course.

5.  A Bookshelf for Display

Amish Bentley Bookcase

Double up on these Bentley Bookcases for your Pinterest-worthy collections

Matching baskets (filled with all manner of toys, remotes, charging cables . . . ) mirror a pretty collection set up in a pair of identical bookshelves. Is it just us, or does everything feel cleaner already?

Do you have any other creative ways to organize your living room? We’d love to hear your ideas!

Our thank to Emily Wignall, as always — see more of her work over on Anatomy of Design!

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