Lost Socks and Laundry Room Solutions

Beth Rice 11/01/2018

Laundry rooms are often small spaces that get a lot of traffic. Create a functional, attractive laundry room with Amish furniture and décor. We have also included a DIY project that will help you reunite socks that mysteriously disappear.

Shelves to the Rescue

Shelves are friends in laundry rooms. Make use of vertical space or empty corners and hang shelves to help you organize.

The Amish Hardwood Aspen Mission Shelf creates a spot to stow laundry detergent and dryer sheets.

Amish Hardwood 36 Aspen Mission Shelf

Open shelves in the Amish Pine Hall Shelf allow easy access to stored trash bags, sponges, and small items. Two hooks are handy for hanging delicate items to dry.

Amish 33 Pine Hall Shelf with Two Hooks

Use a Curtain or Better Yet, a Barn Door!

For laundry areas with no door, separate your space with a curtain. Or, you could use our favorite space divider – a sliding barn door.

Employ Pet-Friendly Features

Set up a cozy spot for your pet to rest while you fluff and fold!

The Amish Wooden Dog Bed Lounger creates a spot for your cat or dog to lounge in the laundry room.

For More Storage and Folding Space

Solid wood bookcases made of pine offer sturdy storage and a perfect surface for folding.

Honey Brook 3 Bookcase

Honey Brook 3′ Bookcase

Personalize with Artwork

Brighten the space with colorful artwork. A family photo, children’s drawings, or framed art will make your laundry room a more pleasurable place.

We like some typography or quilted artwork to liven up the space above the washer and dryer.

Stars in Common Quilted Wall Hanging

Stars in Common Quilted Wall Hanging

You can also liven up the room with a couple of problem-solving DIY projects.

Popular on Pinterest, this cute lint bin by Melissa of Polished Habitat is easy to make. All you need is a plastic container, plastic primer, and craft paint in your favorite color.

Lint Bin DIY

A decal and a pretty glass jar are all you need for this DIY project by Brittany of The Painted Parsonage that’s ready to house lost socks until they are reunited with their partner!

Missing Sock Jar DIY


Freshen with Wallpaper

Enhance the laundry room with wallpaper that pulls in a fun color or pattern. If you have a small space to work with, keep in mind light, neutral colors can help it appear bigger. Another tip for using paint or wallpaper for your laundry room is to choose a color that complements the rooms adjacent to it for better flow.

Brighten Things Up

Consider adding an interesting lighting fixture to your laundry room. A stylish pendant light adds a great look as it brightens the room!

Go Vertical

If space allows, some laundry rooms offer additional storage space. Make use of vertical space with shelves or cabinets that can house towels, cleaning supplies and baskets to catch odds and ends.

Add Hampers and Baskets

Extra hampers and baskets come in handy in the laundry room for both sorting and storing items.

Set Up A Laundry/Mudroom Combo

Depending on space, how about letting your laundry room double as both laundry room and mudroom? How? Add just the right storage bench for shoes, boots, bags and coats.

For large and small laundry rooms, Amish furniture and decor offer solutions for creating a functional space that’s also pretty and fun.

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