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Solid Wood Furniture Storage Solutions

Beth Rice 25/01/2018

With minimalism a growing 2018 trend for indoor décor, solid wood furniture full of storage options is becoming a must have. Amish furniture provides popular picks to use throughout the house, with custom options to help you stay clutter free and organized in style. The Easy to Stock Storage Bench For a versatile storage bench that fits foyer, family room or foot of the bed, the Amish Lattice Weave Storage Bench with Drawers and Baskets… Solid Wood Furniture Storage Solutions

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Out of the Box: The History of Bread Box

Milca Rivera 18/01/2018

Bread. Let’s all take a moment and daydream about our favorite kind… Now I forgot what I was going to say… Just kidding! But, there is just nothing like a freshly baked, crunchy-crusted, squishy-centered, moist, easy-to-break-apart loaf of bread. However, and especially since I live in humid Florida, it’s difficult to keep bread fresh and mold-free for more than a few days. At my house, we store it in the freezer. While this helps it… Out of the Box: The History of Bread Box

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Lost Socks and Laundry Room Solutions

Beth Rice 11/01/2018

Laundry rooms are often small spaces that get a lot of traffic. Create a functional, attractive laundry room with Amish furniture and décor. We have also included a DIY project that will help you reunite socks that mysteriously disappear. Shelves to the Rescue Shelves are friends in laundry rooms. Make use of vertical space or empty corners and hang shelves to help you organize. The Amish Hardwood Aspen Mission Shelf creates a spot to stow… Lost Socks and Laundry Room Solutions

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2018 Interior Decor Trends

Beth Rice 04/01/2018

What’s trending in home furniture for 2018? Think comfort, accent colors, dark woods, and eco-consciousness. Brown, Beige & Rich Accent Colors Brown and beige will take the stage exuding warmth and contributing to comfort and relaxation — a strong theme for décor this year. Neutral, earthy tones lead the way for accent pieces in bright pops of color. We like the modern pairing of the Jake Sectional with Chaise in a neutral color with coral accents… 2018 Interior Decor Trends

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