Cherry Wood Furniture-The Lowdown

Beth Rice 13/01/2014

You Put Cherries On Top For A Reason!

Why cherry wood? There are so many wood choices, is there really a difference? YES! With a plethora of wood and stain choices, it can be a bit overwhelming to pick which one will be the right fit for your home. We totally get it. For many people it’s a matter of aesthetics; what suits their taste and accommodates the current home décor. But there are also other things to factor in when making a wood choice such as durability, the look and age over time, the room it will be in, the purpose for the piece etc. Cherry wood furniture boils down to a great choice on every level.

Cherry wood is a strong, durable wood. This makes it ideal for long lasting pieces of furniture. Because our furniture is 100% American made and Amish handcrafted, the use of cherry wood partners well with the crafting process; both are pillars of resilience. The Queen Anne style of décor is often paired with cherry wood because of the timeless elegance of both as cherry wood is regarded as the epitome of luxury and endurance. This is not only benefit of cherry wood, but solid hard wood in general. Particle board and other unnatural materials are not made with preserving your money or the environment in mind. The money we save on imitation wood furniture is quite the price to pay for it ending up in a landfill in a few years.

Cherry wood is harvested in a very environmentally-friendly way right here in the US. Mainly coming from seasoned farms in Pennsylvania, the Amish not only go to great measures to harvest the wood in the safest way possible but they also use every scrap of the wood. The final shavings are even recycled in bedding for horses and other farm animals! It’s very important to the Amish to treat the land well, they use this land to sustain their business and families. From farming their actual food to feed their families to producing lumber to craft good for monetary support, the land is really a pivotal part of their existence.

One unique factor to cherry wood is its aging over time. The color develops a patina throughout the years; the color deepens in red. This natural process shows not only the age of the piece but adds an extra element of appeal. The red patina is highly regarded and universally embraced. From Asian inspired décor to an earthy, rustic feel, this unique coloring is a beautiful option to the standard brown woods. Queen Anne style furniture is very popularly paired with cherry wood; both symbolize a timeless style and class. Cherry wood can be stained with a variety of choices making it fully adaptable and allowing for more choice in the color of the patina to start.

The reasons to choose cherry wood are virtually endless. From its beautiful aging to the factor of durability to how the wood is harvested and solid wood furniture is crafted, cherry wood just fits the bill. Our infographic (below) illustrates some facts and highlights of using cherry wood. We are always here for questions regarding wood selections or anything else furniture related at 1-866-272-6773.



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