Unusual Amish Communities

Beth Rice 09/04/2020

You might be surprised to hear that Amish communities can and do differ. Erik Wesner, founder of amishamerica.com, a great source of information on everything Amish, contributes this guest blog about how practices among Amish communities vary. Unusual Amish Communities by Erik Wesner The Amish might at first glance seem like a uniform group of people. Plain clothes, beards, buggies…yet within the 2500+ Amish congregations, there is a surprising amount of variety. While all Amish… Unusual Amish Communities

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Places You Didn’t Expect to See Amish People

Jayca Pike 11/03/2015

We’re happy to welcome Erik Wesner, founder and editor of Amish America, to the blog! From time to time, he’ll be offering us his insights into various aspects of the Amish culture and communities. Warm welcome and take it away, Erik  –  Let’s start with the basics: Where do Amish people live? Related Posts Everything You Want to Know About Amish Beliefs We’re so pleased to welcome Erik Wesner back to the blog! Today, he tells you a bit… Places You Didn’t Expect to See Amish People

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