The Ottoman Vs. the Pouf

Beth Rice 27/12/2018

The ottoman has lived long and prospered as a popular accessory for living rooms and dens. Credited as a “backless seat” ottomans are most often paired with other furniture and used as footrests. Their duties include serving as additional seats or even mini table tops.  

Then along came the pouf. The pouf, an upholstered soft cushion, is also a popular pick for resting the feet on in living rooms and for serving as a mini chair when needed.

Ottomans, outweighing and beating the poufs with a few added features, do not wish to be lumped in with the pouf when it comes to living room accessories. And the pouf, taking décor to new heights with its design, does not want to be thrown out of the competition for the top spot in the living room. 

Here we examine the similarities and differences, benefits and downfalls of these two living room favorites and we’ll let you decide which works best for you.



  • For resting feet
  • As a cushioned seat
  • As a mini-table
  • For storage when storage is included


  • Larger size
  • Some offer storage—poufs do not
  • Has soft upholstery, plus a wood frame that poufs do not have


  • Often used with armchairs and gliders creating a uniform look for the room
  • Adds extra seating when you’re entertaining
  • Easy to rest a book, remote, phone, snack or even a drink on the ottoman 


  • If ottoman includes storage, they can become heavy to move when full
  • May take up too much space


Alice Ottoman
The contemporary style Alice Ottoman takes on the look of a pouf.


  • Footrest
  • Small seat
  • Versatile home accessory
  • Adds color to the décor
  • Adds a casual look to the room


  • Smaller than the ottoman
  • Looks like a cushion
  • Has no legs/no wood frame
  • Lighter to move around


  • Soft and puffed yet solid
  • Can be used with sofas
  • Can be used in living rooms, but often found in bedrooms and guest rooms too
  • Blends with other furniture—used as an accessory
  • Can help bring the room together


  • No storage
  • Not as stable as an ottoman
  • Cannot really be used as a mini table
Mia Caster Ottoman
Can the Mia really be used as a mini table?

Tell us, are you Team Ottoman or Team Pouf?

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