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The Ottoman Vs. the Pouf

Beth Rice 27/12/2018

The ottoman has lived long and prospered as a popular accessory for living rooms and dens. Credited as a “backless seat” ottomans are most often paired with other furniture and used as footrests. Their duties include serving as additional seats or even mini table tops.   Then along came the pouf. The pouf, an upholstered soft cushion, is also a popular pick for resting the feet on in living rooms and for serving as a mini… The Ottoman Vs. the Pouf

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How to Choose a Sofa Color

Beth Rice 11/10/2018

Right up there with what size bed and which washing machine is another major home furniture decision: What color should the living room sofa be? 3 Things to Keep In Mind When Choosing A Sofa Color You’ll be looking at it every day for years. Your family and friends will see it and use it too. Consider the style of your home and your color scheme. If you’re starting with an empty room, it’s easier… How to Choose a Sofa Color

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