3 Ways to Use A Foyer Storage Bench

Jayca Pike 26/01/2015

In truth, the foyer storage bench goes by many names: hall bench, entry storage bench, shoe storage bench, entry hall bench tree rack (okay, we made that last one up).

Each name is merely an attempt to pigeon-hole an extremely versatile piece of entry furniture – and we say “No more!” 🙂 Here, we’ll look at three different uses and three different sizes of hall benches (or foyer storage benches, or what have you) in order to broaden the foyer furniture horizons . . . even moving them out of the foyer!

1. Storage Bench for Winter Accessories

Three Ways to Use a Foyer Storage Bench

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Right off the bat, we put this Quay storage bench in it’s own room – the mudroom, which we understand to be an entryway with a slight separation from the main home or main foyer. The sturdy foyer storage bench – big enough to hold its own under a simple coat rack and small enough tuck behind an open door – provides more than a spot to sit while you tug on your boots. During the long, cold winter, it’s the perfect place for extra scarves, hats, mittens, gloves, and blankets.

If your children have mitten-less friends over, if there’s an unexpected frost in the morning, if you want to have all your long-johns and thick socks in one place when it’s time to go sledding, then consider our trusty, single-compartment entryway benches your new buddies.

2. Shoe Storage Bench

Three Ways to Use a Foyer Storage Bench

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What? What’s this you say? You have no entryway? Never mind the naysaying – plenty of families have front doors that open right up into a living room, or – just as common – into the bottom of a staircase. Wouldn’t that tiny corner under the stairs (or behind the door) be just the perfect little hideaway for an open shoe storage bench? A divided, open compartment provides easy access, and keeps dirty boots away from fancy heels, or Dad’s loafers away from Mom’s slippers, or Jenny’s sneakers away from Johnny’s flip-flops. Again, we’re keen on the spot to pop a squat, especially with a comfy cushion covering.

A sleek, simple hall tree for backpacks and purses, or coats and hats, completes this creative use of space and gives those of us with less square footage a little more (organized) room to love our space.

3. Hall Storage Bench Turned Children’s Room Toy Storage

Three Ways to Use a Foyer Storage Bench

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Admit it – you smiled just then! Polka dots and stuffed animals aside, this cheery children’s room is loaded with clever ideas for clever little minds. We’ve stocked it with old-fashioned wooden toys – like building blocks and a tulip tree – plus an adorable chalkboard-topped wooden desk just that’s just the right size for budding artists (click the image to shop those heirloom treasures!).

Perhaps our favorite idea is the reclaimed wood hall bench with storage for all of those toys we left lying around. Big plastic bins and pastel crates painted with clouds both have their place, but wouldn’t it be nice to let the children’s room grow with the children? This Amish hall bench is already beautifully aged, so no need to worry about wear and tear. Stuff it full of your child’s favorite things while they’re young, and as they grow, maybe the bench will make it into the hall – where we promise it will fit right in.

What other ways to use a foyer storage bench can you think of – or have you experimented with some yourself? Towels next to the pool or hot tub? Patio seating and badminton-racket storage? Mountainous stacks of decorative bed pillows?

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  • January 27, 2015 at 8:47 am

    The wife and I are out looking for something to put at the front of our door now, here in Canada, specifically our small city we don’t have many options. I loved the storage bench for minter accessories.

  • Jayca Pike
    January 31, 2015 at 11:46 pm

    Well, we certainly ship to Canada! 🙂 Growing up in Maine, my parents always had two giant plastic bags of “winter stuff” by the front door from November ’til March. I think a storage bench is a much MUCH more classy – and probably a hefty bit more organized, as well!

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