Which Zillow-Approved Dining Room Speaks to You?

Jayca Pike 12/10/2015

3 Beloved Digs, 1 Voice to Listen to

Do you think you know what your dining room style is? We’ve made it easier to recognize by helping you to listen to your gut, not the label.

We’ll show you the picture of the room before identifying the style. A little tricky? Maybe, but we think it’ll help you decide on a style that is genuine to you, not to a preconceived notion.

Word of caution: The photo that inspires you most just might surprise you!

Dining Room #1

zillow dining room 1 pedestal

Do you love a pedestal table in a nook for your dining room?

This is a transitional dining room!

Think of a transitional dining room as your peacemaker.

It brings the warmth and welcome of traditional design together with the clean, simple lines of contemporary style. Transitional spaces–whether in the dining room, living, or office area–emit harmony and balance. Because they offer a great deal of adaptability, they’re an ideal choice for homeowners whose taste (or other spaces in the home!) otherwise spans the two styles.

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DutchCrafters furniture pieces similar to those pictured include the Stacey Single Pedestal Dining Table and the Columbus Dining Chair. Our highly customizable breakfast nooks would make a great sub for the built-in here.

Dining Room #2

zillow dining room 2 mission

Does this spare and spectacular space catch your breath?

This is a modern dining room!

No Judy Jetson gadgets, no triangular side tables, no erratic glass–yet this dining room is still thoroughly modern. Definitions of “modern” vary widely, but when we hear of ‘modern dining’ designs, we’re thinking of a zero-frill shaker table, minimal hardware, strong horizontal lines and a lack of embellishment.

Modern lets the natural beauty of the materials (in this case, some seriously impressive solid wood and the view) shine through.

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Of course, you can count on DutchCrafters for fine wood dining tables, like our super-similar Cleveland Stowleaf Shaker Table, and dining chairs that match the simplicity of this modern space, like the Monterey Mission Dining Chair.

Dining Room #3

zillow dining room 3 mission 2

Poppy colors, some funky angles and a little sass sound about right to you?

This is a contemporary dining room!

Contemporary dining rooms conjure of visions of a very sleek Manhattan loft with few architectural or decorating flourishes. A lot of us have trouble separating a modern style from a contemporary style for this very reason.

But while the purely modern dining room often celebrates grid and structure, a contemporary dining area is usually more playful in finishes and form. The tabletop finish above is an excellent example!  Contemporary style in any room of the house often includes elements of other styles, in order to meld its own reflection of the times.

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DutchCrafters Keeseville Dining Chair plays a bit like the chairs featured above, as does our lovely Livingston Dining Chair. Looking for a table whose top steals the show? Try the Jacoby Plank Top Leg Table in beautiful brown maple.

So what do you think? Do you agree with out choices? Does your dining room reflect one of these, or do you have a style all your own?

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