5 Reasons to Add a Sofa Table

Beth Rice 01/04/2021

Should you or shouldn’t you? Add a sofa table, that is. It’s another piece of furniture to dust and vacuum under, right? Sofa tables have been around since the 1700s, evolving over time to serve homes with both function and style. Here are five reasons to add a sofa table to your home furniture collection.

What is a sofa table?

Sofa tables of the late 1700s were actually used in front of the sofa for two people to sit on. They’ve always been versatile by nature, and early models actually had a drop leaf at either end with at least one drawer for storage. Today’s sofa tables are often placed behind the sofa, and they are used to add style, display space and sometimes storage. The work in a variety of areas in the home, with living room, bedroom, foyer, hallway and office all included.

Sofa table or console table–Is there a difference?

Sofa tables are also referred to as console tables and the terms are often used interchangeably. Console tables of the late 17th century were popular in the mansions of aristocrats. The shape consisted of a half moon shaped top that rested on two legs, and it was attached to the wall using brackets called consoles—hence the name. Originally, console tables were just showy tables used to decorate, but the design evolved over time and featured four table legs, prompting the table to be used against a wall or sofa back. Console or sofa tables began to be used as a way to balance the layout of a room or area.

Sofa Table Height

The height of a console table used against a wall can vary without issue, but sofa tables used behind sofas should not be any taller than the back of the sofa. It’s okay for the sofa table to be a little lower than the sofa or the same height as the sofa, just not taller. It is recommended that a sofa table be at least an inch lower than the back of the sofa frame.

5 Reasons to Add a Sofa Table

It creates an attractive display area.

There’s a lot you can do to personalize a sofa table surface. Think flowers in your favorite vase, family photos, books, candles, and sculptures. A sofa table is the perfect place to showcase them, adding visual interest to any room.  

It sets up a convenient surface.

A sofa table adds just the right surface for lamps to cast light as you’re reading on the sofa or to illuminate the foyer upon entry. When you’re lounging on the couch, a sofa table lining the back makes a great host for your book, tablet or phone, helping to keep things within reach.

In the bedroom, consider a sofa or console table for a makeup station with a storage drawer to keep makeup and accessories in.

In entryway or hallway, a sofa table can serve as a central location for keys, mail and more.

It contributes to the style of a room.

Sofa table styles aren’t just frilly and ornate as they were when first invented. Today, they come in a variety of styles, from mid-century modern to farmhouse to traditional.

It adds storage.

A handy feature of a sofa table is that it is a great way to add not only style and balance, but storage. Many are available with drawers and/or cabinets for storage, making sofa tables another way to help control clutter.

It helps fill a large space.

A sofa table helps fill and balance a large space, prevent large gaps of space and contribute to visual appeal. A sofa table can be used to create a smooth transition from one room to the next.

With so many ways to use sofa tables, they are a both useful and decorative piece of furniture to add to your home furniture collection.

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