Making More Time Together: Furniture for Family

Beth Rice 12/01/2017

Time passes quicker than you think. Turn around and the toddlers you were chasing after have grown into teenagers with active social lives that keep them away from home.  All those family activities you’ve enjoyed together over the years now must be scheduled in advance.

Resolving to spend quality time together in the New Year takes some recruitment on your part and the right furniture. Read on for solid wood furniture selections that make it easy to gather as a family for an evening of fun.

Dining Together

Dining room memories are ones that stay with you forever. The soup and salad nights, the funny things dad says at dinner, and everyone’s special seat at the table become cherished recollections. The Amish Columbus Dining Room Set creates a dining room filled with the warmth and comfort you’re looking for at every meal.

Wilmington Dining Room Set

Get in the Game

Get them laughing, give congratulatory handshakes, and lift the chin of whoever loses after an evening of good old-fashioned board games. Get together around the Ruff Sawn Rustic Pub Table for cards, games, Easter egg coloring, holiday crafts, and family discussions.

Ruff Sawn Rustic Pub Table

Nestle into a Nook

The list of activities to enjoy in a breakfast nook is endless. Talking over coffee, lively board games, handmade crafts, and making cookies from scratch all make the cut. Get together for fun times nestled around the Amish Newport Breakfast Nook Dining Set and enjoy all the stylish storage it provides.

Amish Newport Breakfast Nook Dining Set

Surround an Entertainment Center

For a movie that makes everyone laugh, video game showdowns, dance offs, TV show marathons and more, the Enchant Living Room Set includes the Enchant Entertainment Center. This mission style center is the ultimate in storage for TV and media collections. The Modesto is available in five custom made sizes.

Amish Modesto Mission Entertainment Center

Get the Gang Around a Game Table

Team up and play foosball at the Amish Handcrafted Signature Mission Foosball Table.

Amish Handcrafted Signature Mission Foosball Table

All People to the Porch

There’s nothing like a relaxing time to chat. Light some candles on your porch, grab some coffee or tea, and snuggle up close to listen to everyone’s stories of the past week on the spacious Amish Cedar Wood Traditional English Swing Bed. This swing bed is made of red cedar that naturally resists water damage and decay.

Amish Cedar Wood Traditional English Swing Bed

Everybody Outdoors

It’s always the right time for toasted marshmallows. Gather around your fire pit in the Amish handcrafted Pine Roll Back Outdoor Set. This pine wood set will soothingly glide your family into deep conversation and memory making.

Pine Roll Back Outdoor Set

With time passing by faster than we realize, getting together with family becomes even more important. Supply your home with Amish furniture that is made for family.

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