Modern Ways to Use a Jelly Cabinet

Beth Rice 28/07/2016

Even though jelly is most often kept in the refrigerator these days, the jelly cabinet remains a favorite furnishing. One look at an Amish jelly cabinet and the reasons are clear.  It’s both beautiful and useful for storage, even without the jelly.

The First Jelly Cabinets

The creation of the jelly cabinet grew out of need. During the 19th century, as pioneers perfected the practice of stewing fruit to create jams and preserves, they produced large quantities that needed to be stored.  Since jelly or jam could be kept at room temperature after being properly boiled, it could be stored to provide for families through the long winter months. Enter the jelly cabinet.

The first jelly cabinets had two doors with storage shelves inside and two drawers above. They were often made of pine. They were generally kept in the kitchen to store delicious home-made preserves, and to keep mice and other pests out. There were many variations of the jelly cabinet, also called a jelly cupboard, with the combination of drawers and cabinets varying to meet specific storage needs.

Modern Ways to Use a Jelly Cabinet

The invention of the refrigerator did not bump the jelly cabinet to the back seat. The clean lines, simple design, and compact size make the jelly cabinet both practical and visually appealing.

We’re thinking beyond the jelly for some creative storage uses for your gorgeous jelly cabinet.

A Coffee Center

Maybe jelly isn’t one of your daily staples, but coffee is.  We suggest storing your favorite flavors and mugs, as well as sugar and teas, on the shelves of the Amish Vintage Pine Jelly Cupboard. Keep your jelly cabinet in the kitchen or pantry for quick access to your delicious coffees.

Amish Vintage Pine Jelly Cupboard

A Bathroom Essentials Center

The antique look of the jelly cabinet makes it just the right spot to keep your delicate bath soaps, scented candles, or extra-special guest towels and linens.  Choosing a glass door will allow a peek at the decorative contents.  The Amish Modesto One Door Jelly Cabinet is sweet enough for your soothing décor.

Amish Modesto One Door Jelly Cabinet

A Fine China & Silverware Center

Your mother’s china. The engraved cake server from your wedding.  A delicate tea cup collection. Tucked away on the top shelves of the kitchen leaves them out of reach and hard to admire. House them in an Amish Shaker Jelly Cupboard in your dining room so you can enjoy them more often.

Amish Shaker Jelly Cupboard

A Sugar & Spice & Everything Nice Center

Amish jelly cabinets often display rural or pastoral designs on copper or tin door panels, adding rustic charm. Enjoy the hustle and bustle of your kitchen as you bake your favorites with a jelly cabinet to hold your spices and baking supplies nearby.

A Party Supply Center

Where is the best place to keep party decorations?  A plastic storage box under your bed? A cabinet in the basement?  Take one lovely Amish Small Pine Wood Jelly Cupboard, place it in your hallway, and voila — you’ve got a storage cabinet as pretty as the decorations inside!

Amish Small Pine Wood Jelly Cupboard

A Hobby Organization Center

Whether you have taken up a new hobby or need more storage for an old one, a jelly cabinet makes a great place to store and keep organized all of the tools you need to enjoy your favorite diversion. If you love to garden or sew, imagine how lovely your watering can and trowel or spools of colorful thread and neatly folded fabrics will look set alongside the natural, knotty pine finish of the Amish Large Pine Wood Jelly Cupboard.

Amish Large Pine Wood Jelly Cupboard

Whether you choose to place a jelly cabinet in your kitchen, dining room, hallway, or guest room, it exudes warmth and welcome that never goes out of style.

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