Spotlight on the Canopy Bed

Beth Rice 31/03/2022

The canopy bed dates back to the Middle Ages. Grand, luxurious models with rich drapery and high canopies extending down from the ceiling were used by the rich to both impress and allow for rest. With unique qualities adding to its attractive look, the canopy bed has endured over time, and remains a beloved style for bedrooms, particularly if you’re looking to make a statement.

The Canopy Bed Frame

Most canopy bed frames will feature posts at each corner of the bed with cross beams that connect them. Fabric, drapery or linens can be hung over the posts to create a canopy. Many canopy bed frames are made with wood or metal or a combination of the two.

Benefits of Canopy Beds

They offer additional privacy.

The canopy looks beautiful and inviting when open and comes in handy when you want it closed as well. The option to close it up provides an extra level of privacy.

They provide additional warmth.

A closed canopy creates a cozy cocoon that can block out chilly air for a nice warm bed nest.

They help block out light and sound.

Love sleeping in on weekends? A canopy bed is an easy way to block out the sunlight when it comes streaming through your window. It can also help to muffle sounds and block them out when you’re looking to rest.

They’re available in several styles.

Canopy beds are available in all sizes and come in a variety of styles. Two popular styles include the traditional canopy bed that leans toward the extravagance and ornate carvings of early canopy beds, and the contemporary style canopy bed with lighter fabrics, straight lines, and a more open, minimalist look.

Amish Windsor Post Bed with Optional Canopy
The Amish Windsor Post Bed with Optional Canopy offers a traditional look.

They’re gorgeous.

The canopy bed in its pure form, with a flowing canopy you can open and close, offers the promise of a soft, cozy place to climb into. That, combined with a frame with posts styled anywhere from decorative to simple, creates a bedroom centerpiece, a scene stealer and warm welcome all in one.

Canopy Bed Challenges

As we share all the things to adore about canopy beds, it’s important to share the challenges as well.

They require more cleaning.

That pretty canopy creates extra cleaning chores for the canopy bed owner. Keep in mind that in addition to the bed sheets, you’ll have more laundry when the canopy needs to be cleaned. The posts the canopy hangs from need attention too. They tend to collect dust that can build up.

Kitties and kids could damage them.

The way a canopy bed creates a special little tent-like structure out of your bed could peak the interest of small children who might want to play on your bed, swing from the canopy curtains and hide inside the closed canopy.

The slope of the canopy has also been found to be enticing for cats who might want to climb it. Cute kitties could leave some nail markings or tears in the canopy. Cats may also get stuck on top of it after their exhilarating climb.

They work better in bigger spaces.

The canopy bed has a large frame that takes up a good amount of space and looks its best in a spacious bedroom. Using a canopy bed in too small a space can make it look cramped. Higher ceilings work better with canopy beds to accommodate the cascading canopy. It is recommended to allow an extra foot of space between the top of the canopy and the ceiling.

Can you make a canopy bed work in a smaller bedroom? Yes, you can. Some tips to make it work are to have less additional furniture in the bedroom and have a sheer curtain or linen instead of a thick heavy one for the canopy.

They’re not easy to move.

Canopy bed frames can be heavy and hard to assemble, making it harder to move them.

Why the Canopy Bed Endures

Canopy beds offer undying appeal, with an ever present audience that loves the luxurious look they offer. The grandiose nature and frilly, decorative look of past canopy beds have been adapted for present day, with modern canopy beds featuring a more open, minimalistic look defined by straight-lined frames. Today’s canopy beds are more versatile, with a look that’s lighter and even more welcoming.

To change things up, you can change the canopy for a fresh new look to reflect the current season. Other ideas to use with your canopy are to add accent lights, accent pillows and a coordinating rug or bedroom bench.

A canopy bed adds to the warmth and cozy feel of your bedroom sanctuary and can be used with just about any interior design style. They’re popular for kid’s rooms as well as master bedrooms that want to showcase the bed as a centerpiece.

If you’d like to enhance a bedroom’s aesthetic with a sophisticated piece of furniture that provides warmth and privacy, a canopy bed could be just the thing for your bedroom.

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