Your New Grandfather Clock: The Comprehensive Grandfather Clock Video Playlist

Our Amish handcrafted Grandfather Clocks are a timeless tradition that will add a classic and warm feel to any home. Each American made wooden clock is built to order with many customizable features that will help you design a look to match your personal style and home décor. The Custom Whitmore Grandfather Clock featured in this video has a more modern look with the same premium Hermle clock movements that are standard on most of our grandfather clocks. Leveling – The first step to setting up your Grandfather Clock is making sure it is level. An uneven clock can cause the movements to keep inaccurate time. This short video will show you the steps to making sure your clock is perfectly level. Assembly – Once your Grandfather Clock is level and in the exact spot that you want it, you can assemble the interior clock movements such as the pendulum, the weights, and the glass doors. This short video will walk you through the assembly process. Starting the Clock – With all the pieces assembled, you can now start the clock. Watch the short video on the proper way to start your grandfather clock. Winding the Clock – In order to stay running and keep accurate time, your grandfather clock needs to be wound every seven days. This video will show you the proper way to wind your clock. Settings & Adjustments – Even after your grandfather clock is assembled and started, there are certain settings and adjustments that are good to know for fine tuning your clock. This video will walk you through these settings and help you put the finishing touches on your new grandfather clock. Disassembly – Before you move your grandfather clock anywhere, it is important that you completely disassemble it first so nothing is damaged. Watch this “Quick-Clip” video for proper disassembly instructions. Click the link to shop our Amish Clocks.  

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