5 Things That Make an Amish Desk Chair Comfortable

Beth Rice 30/01/2020

While a desk is essential to supporting our work, we don’t sit in the desk. It’s understandable that significant funding can be put into the right desk for the job, but working at your desk can become unbearable if comfort is sacrificed. And the source of comfort for someone working a desk job 40-plus hours a week can be found in….an Amish desk chair.

What Makes an Amish Desk Chair Comfortable

The Back Support

The average time spent sitting at a computer has been skyrocketing for some time. For home or office, a good desk chair that supports the back makes all the difference.

Amish desk chairs offer a good shape and fit, with support for the lower back that will ease strain or compression on the spine.

Amish Delray Upholstered Desk Chair
The Amish Delray Upholstered Desk Chair offers lower back support with comfy cushioning.

The Adjustable Features

We come in all shapes and sizes, and adjusting your chair so you can sit at your desk comfortably is essential.

Amish desk chairs come with gas lifts to adjust the height of the chair where you need it.

Amish Royal Desk Arm Chair with Gas Lift
The Amish Royal Desk Arm Chair with Gas Lift adjusts to the height you need.

The Swivel Factor and Wheel Base For Ease of Movement

Straining to reach for papers on the other side of your desk won’t do. Amish desk chairs have wheels in the base to allow ease of movement from monitor to phone to file drawers. A swivel option helps provide access to different desk areas without making you twist and turn in your seat.

Amish Bradbury Desk Chair
The Amish Bradbury Desk Chair gets you where you need to go with wheel base and swivel option.

The Cushioned Seat

Amish desk chairs offer just the right amount of plush. You don’t want cushioning that’s so thin you can feel the base of the seat through it and you don’t want a seat that’s so soft you’re sinking into it and losing support.

The front of the seat should have a curve or cushion to it. Squared sharp edges are harsh against your legs and can interfere with proper circulation.

Amish Georgetown Desk Chair
The Amish Georgetown Desk Chair offers just the right cushioning with a comfy chair front. Cushioned armrests add to the comfort and help take strain off the neck and shoulders. Available in choice of custom fabric or leather.

Fabric should breathe so the seat doesn’t get too hot or uncomfortable. Higher end fabrics are likely more breathable and more stain resistant.

The Stability

Amish desk chairs are built with solid wood by experienced craftsmen. You can rely on a durable desk chair with mortise and tenon joinery that promises the strongest joints for support.

Amish Low Back Arm Office Chair
The Amish Low Back Arm Office Chair-a durable, stable option for your office.

Bonus: The Style

Built by hand in Amish woodshops, Amish desk chairs are high in function, durability, comfort and style. These are desk chairs that will demand attention, will create a professional atmosphere and that everyone will want to sit in when they see them!

Amish Liberty Desk Chair with Gas Lift
The Amish Liberty Desk Chair with Gas Lift features mission style.

Will my Amish Desk Chair fit Under my Desk?

A popular question for our furniture specialists here at DutchCrafters is whether or not a new Amish desk chair will fit under the desk. It’s important to note the width of your new chair and measure the kneehole space of your desk to be sure it will fit. Desk chairs with arms can be a little wider than the kneehole opening. The arm height is important to note too, if you are hoping to push your desk chair partially or completely under your desk.

We recommend consulting a furniture specialist when shopping Amish desk chairs. They can answer specific questions to be sure you have the right fit for your office.

Amish Midland Desk Chair with Gas Lift
An Amish desk chair like the Amish Midland Modern Desk Chair with Gas Lift has no arms, making it a good choice for smaller kneehole areas.
Berkshire Amish Desk Chair
The Berkshire Amish Desk Chair comes in six different chair base styles to best match your office.

An Amish desk chair brings exquisite style, comfort and durability ideal for working at your desk. What questions do you have about custom made Amish desk chairs?

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