Amish Toys: Light Up Playtime with Timeless Fun

Light up playtime with old world Amish toys that inspire physical activity, creativity, and fun! Watch as both kids and dogs enjoy American made wood toys.

Benefits of Amish Toys

If you have children in your life, you know the joy that the right toy can spark in them.Amish toys are built to last, so there’s no end in site to their fun. Give the gift of Amish made wood toys for hours of entertainment. Or keep them at home for whenever they visit.

Types of Amish toys

Homemade toys have been a part of the American childhood for centuries. We may be beyond the days of hand-carved wooden toys made by dad and hand-sewn doll clothes made by mom. However, there’s no reason those traditional wooden toy designs need to be lost! Amish woodworkers in Indiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania are continuing the crafting of wooden children’s furniture and various types of toys. Some are designed to be ridden or sat on. Others are for marbles or teach a skill like yo-yoing. And some toys are designed to spark the imagination. All for a happy, healthier childhood. 

  • Two popular Amish made toys on DutchCrafters are a rideable childrens rocking horse and an airplane rocker.
  • Our marble towers provide endless fun. Shop a collection of marble run toys on once your children are old enough for them.
  • Amish Surprise Boxes are the best novelty gift, with the surprise of a spider jumping out at you!
  • The imagination runs wild with the races and rescues of wood cars and trucks and solid wood airplanes and helicopters and trains.
  • Find Amish farm toys, including tractors and wagons, hay bales, and fences.
  • And don’t forget solid wood yo-yos, firetrucks, doll beds, and building blocks.

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Good For Everyone

Wherever toys end up, you can rest easy knowing the children play with nontoxic wood toys. Instead of cheap plastic toys containing all kinds of chemicals, choose Amish wood toys that are built to last. This way, you can make the healthy choice that’s also good for the planet! 

Featured Products:

Childrens Rocking Horse, product 47172
Airplane Rocker, product 46269
Amish Spider Surprise Boxes, product 63015
Wooden Train, product 47285 

Video Transcript:

Wind back the clock. Return to a simpler time. With wood toys handcrafted right here in America, you can offer the kids in your life old fashioned play. Light up playtime with the old-world charm of Amish made building blocks, firetrucks, and marble run towers. While children laugh and giggle, you can rest easy knowing the toys in their hands and mouths are nontoxic solid wood. And always built to last. Fill the playroom with farm toys, cars and trucks, yo-yos, and rocking horses that inspire creativity and promote physical activity. And don’t forget the fun Amish Surprise Scare Box, a favorite of kids of all ages. Not to mention dogs! You can help end the cycle of buying cheap plastic toys that land in the trash! Browse Amish made children’s toys at

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