Amish Windsor-style McKinley Dining Arm Chair

Unfortunately, the colonial style Amish McKinley Dining Chair featured in this video has been discontinued. However, we’re happy to offer dozens of similar Windsor style chairs offering the grace and refinement of colonial-style furniture. So start shopping on the largest collection of Amish dining chairs online! From there, you can quickly narrow down the selection to find your perfect chair! Windsor dining chairs are easily identified by their arched back and vertical spindles. This popular style features numerous spindle styles, including the paddle-shaped back slats shown in this video. Whatever you decide on, we know you’ll be happy with the outstanding quality construction of Amish furniture. This chair is shown here in Oak Wood with OCS 108 Stain, but we offer hundreds of wood type and finish combinations.   ******* Like us on Facebook and subscribe to our YouTube channel to discover many more great products! DutchCrafters on Facebook DutchCrafters on YouTube

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