Amish Oak Wood Kid’s Airplane Rocker

The Amish Oak Wood Kid’s Airplane Rocker from DutchCrafters delivers an opportunity for real-world play on a safe, durable solid wood toy! This rocking toy is made to last by Amish woodworkers skilled in authentic hardwood craftsmanship. 

The Look and Feel

When your Amish Wooden Kid’s Airplane Rocker arrives, you’ll notice the quality immediately. The solid Oak wood is heavy and hardy. Almost every piece and connector is built from a solid hardwood 2-by, 1-by, or dowel rod.

The structure of the plane has no moving parts, meaning there are no obvious weak points that will fail with use. 

This airplane toy is neatly routed so there are no sharp edges to get hurt on. It’s finished with the same stain and semi-gloss varnish as most of our furniture, so there’s no risk of getting splinters during a play session. 

You’ll feel the quality every playtime from unboxing through the ensuing decades! 

Airplane Custom Options 

This toy is built to last in solid oak wood, a heavy, strong wood type that is popular for tables, sofas, bed frames, and much more furniture. It can easily handle kids of any size. 

The finish on this oak wood, however, is up to you! This airplane is available with a Medium Walnut stain, as seen in the video, or with white paint or black paint! 

Exposed wood grain is a great look for a traditional look with a natural style. Opting for white or black paint may instead provide a more modern appearance with the same solid wood quality. 

Read more on the Kid’s Airplane Rocker page right here at DutchCrafters. 

Solid Wood Toys at DutchCrafters

This Wooden Kid’s Airplane Rocker is far from the only kid’s toy available at DutchCrafters! You can fill your playroom with solid wooden toys from DutchCrafters, ranging from large rocking horses for kids to ride to small trucks and hand toys. 

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