Reviews Their DutchCrafters Experience

Age of Learning, Inc., creators of the largest early childhood education tool,, turned to DutchCrafters for help creating their annual holiday gifts for VIPs and investors. In DutchCrafters they found the opportunity to create custom wooden gifts that would make a real impression year after year.

DutchCrafters Review

In this video, Chris at Age of Learning and Natalie at DutchCrafters explain what’s possible when two businesses collaborate to create something truly unique. Over the course of a 5-year relationship, Chris has created a number of solid wood toys and pieces laser engraved with her company’s logo, including a solid wood train engraved with’s characters and a stunning wooden rocking horse.

DutchCrafters drew on a 15-year history of custom wood furniture to coordinate everything from the design and conceptualization of the pieces to the logistics of shipping the products from Ohio to California under a tight deadline.

Business-to-Business Furniture and Woodworking Sales

DutchCrafters is a top b2b woodworking vendor, having provided solid wood furniture for business across the country. Personal service is the reason Disney, the Detroit Tigers, and Aspen Square Management keep returning to DutchCrafters for b2b furniture. We are happy to offer restaurant chairs and bar stools and restaurant tables, nursing home furniture, hotel furniture, and durable outdoor poly furniture for parks, campgrounds, entertainment venues, and patio spaces.

What DutchCrafters Has to Offer

We are pleased to be able to offer contract furniture discounts, whether you seek solid wood indoor furniture or poly outdoor furniture for business needs. In the era of cheap and fragile, a solid wood gift makes a statement. It becomes a sign of stability, high quality, and attention to detail. That’s what DutchCrafters puts into their products and that’s what Age of Learning communicates to their recipients through their annual end-of-year gifts, made possible by DutchCrafters. Video Transcript: 

Chris:  We really enjoy working with DutchCrafters because I’ve been able to pick up the phone, come up with a crazy idea, and DutchCrafters is willing to go the full mile with me every single time. Early Learning Academy is a supplemental, comprehensive online curriculum for children ages two to eight. It’s actually the number one learning tool for children ages two to eight-plus and regularly ranks number one in the app store.

Well, each year at the end of the year I produce what we call a corporate holiday gift. And this is something very special that we send out to VIPs, investors. The recipient feels that when they open up something from that it’s going to be of high quality, it’s going to have the kind of stamina and integrity that we stand for behind our company and I think that DutchCrafters applies to everything we make with them too.

So, in 2013 I was looking for something that had a statement to it. I started doing a Google search and I came upon DutchCrafters. And we came up with a beautiful toy box that was handmade and engraved with my company’s logo on it. After that first initial piece, everybody from our executive team to the recipients were overwhelmed with the quality of something that came from DutchCrafters.

Natalie:  We’ve been working with Age of Learning since 2013. It started off with a toy box—a custom toy box. Back in 2014 we also created a custom wooden train with the alphabet. Then in 2015, we created the custom rocking horse and we are currently still working with them.

Chris:  The rocking horse was especially a magical project. I presented this photograph that somebody had made on Pinterest to DutchCrafters and Natalie took it to heart. It was amazing.

Natalie:  Through the months—it took probably 7 months to actually come up with a complete model. We had many different samples that we sent out to them, with custom legs, different types of wood species, custom hair, and engraving throughout. We wanted a maple base to the horse itself but we wanted its saddle—we wanted that seat to be walnut. We were very particular about this rocking horse’s shape. Each detail was meticulously picked out and the result is absolutely the most stunning piece.

Chris:  So, I’m already working on this year’s gift and have contacted DutchCrafters about that as well. Natalie did everything she possibly could to make sure that we didn’t miss a beat with my communications with the woodworker.

We literally became friends over the process, exchanging cell phone numbers because there’s so much back-and-forth, texting that has to happen early in the morning, late at night. And that availability for me means the world because that’s the kind of fast pace that I work in so to have a vendor who’s responsive to me like that makes me want to return again and again.

And so I would say to prospective businesses looking to make a project with DutchCrafters, I can’t recommend a company more highly. The integrity, the quality, and the warm friendliness of everybody I speak with at DutchCrafters. Any sort of proposal I get, every single detail is outlined in that proposal. There are no surprises; there are no outstanding, ‘Oh, we forgot about this.’

If somebody doesn’t deliver to me in the timeframe that I need or align with how I do business, I don’t usually do business with them again. DutchCrafters has met my needs every single time. And I will come back again and again. We have lots more projects to make together.  

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