Why Throw a Desk From a Balcony? (Cheap Furniture)

Two years ago, DutchCrafters bought a cheap, particle board desk for our offices. And now, just 24 months from that day, unable to find a taker for the worn, free desk, it was time to toss it in the trash. Where it belongs.

But first, we decided to have some fun and toss it from the balcony, onto a bed of bricks. If the furniture is not built to last, there’s no way to make it last. It’s going to wind up in the dumpster. 

Inspired by this experience with cheap, disposable, particleboard furniture, in 2019 we launched the Slow Furniture Movement to put an end to the wasteful, destructive practice of producing and selling fast furniture. As the slow movement spreads from food to fashion and beyond, it feels inevitable to us that fast furniture, too, will see its day in the spotlight. And the reality of poor treatment of employees, dangerous working conditions, and unhealthy products may come to light, as they did with fashion.

It’s that day when all will see the value of solid wood furniture, handcrafted in America. This is a recognition that hundreds across the country discover every day. Join the movement. Find your dream furniture. And invest in the future. We learned our lesson, and hope you can too. It gets expensive to buy cheap furniture. Get it right the first time. Shop heirloom-quality, solid wood furniture at DutchCrafters.

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