Working at JMX Brands (DutchCrafters): 15th Anniversary Video

Find out what it’s like to work at JMX Brands (DutchCrafters’ parent company) straight from us, the employees, as we reflect on our careers at JMX Brands on the company 15th anniversary. Visit JMX Brands Careers page and consider joining us at JMX Brands in beautiful Sarasota, FL. Our jobs in Sarasota include sales positions, customer service jobs, and various positions in marketing. For your Sarasota job, apply today to join us at JMX.

JMX Brands was started in 2003 by Jim Miller and Miao Xue and is led to this day by Jim, Miao, and Jim’s wife Linse. The mission of JMX Brands is to inspire authentic living by connecting people to handpicked products with exceptional service. Our five core values are creativity, authenticity, giving, excellence, and sustainability. Together, we seek to live out this mission through our core values every day.

Behind the scenes at DutchCrafters is a special work environment. Working at DutchCrafters, we foster relationships with Amish woodworkers across Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Indiana while making their products available on DutchCrafters and helping you customize the furniture for your home.

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