Inside Millcraft: Tour an Amish Furniture Shop

Take this opportunity to tour the Millcraft shop–in hyperspeed. Go inside this Amish furniture shop, and discover just a few of the steps that it takes to create custom furniture. 

Who is Millcraft?

Millcraft is a premier builder of bedroom sets for DutchCrafters. Discover their full collection of beds, dressers, nightstands, and more at the Millcraft Bedroom Collection

Bedroom Furniture Designs

Millcraft designs bedroom sets for all styles and sizes of homes. In their collection, you’ll find everything from graceful sleigh beds to straight and durable Mission style. And every bed is accompanied by its matching storage pieces! 

Build Quality

Even in the world of solid wood furniture, Millcraft’s quality construction stands out. They take pride in the durability of even their drawer boxes! See how much weight these drawer boxes can take for yourself in this video: The Ultimate Bedroom Furniture Durability Test

In This Furniture Shop Tour Video

This video shows the attention to detail present in every stage of the build process. And really, when it comes to custom furniture, it’s the details that make all the difference. 

As you watch this video, you’ll see parts of several construction processes. 

  • Creating drawer boxes (0:13)
  • Building beds (1:30)
  • Adding ebony inlays (1:57)
  • Building & Assembling a Dresser (3:00)
  • Nightstand Assembly (4:45)
  • The Staining & Finishing Process (5:08)

Machinery in the Amish Wood Shop

The Amish craftsmen and their local employees in Ohio, Indiana, and Pennsylvania are devoted to quality. While you may be surprised by the number of machines used in the shop, keep in mind that nearly all of our shops work off the grid, powering their work by generators. As more machines are used in the production process, they are added in pursuit of quality, not automation. The more exact the craftsmanship, the stronger the joints and the longer the furniture lasts for you and your family. They’re excited about every innovation they can adopt to make better furniture. 

These rules about use of machinery and technology are typically determined by each local church/community with their bishop. In this area of Ohio, they’re allowed more electricity and power tools for work than in other parts of the country. However, this technology rarely makes its way into their homes and lives outside the shop. We continue to communicate with our woodworkers primarily by phone, fax, mail, and personal visits, as most woodworkers don’t use email or computers. 

Who is DutchCrafters?

DutchCrafters is the largest Amish furniture website online and Millcraft of one of our hundreds of woodworking shops we work with. We help thousands of customers every year order their dream furniture to their homes. Learn more and shop from our homepage: DutchCrafters Amish Furniture

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