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Dad’s Favorite Chair

Beth Rice 16/06/2016

A special relationship exists between a boy and his dog, a teen and his first car, and of course, Dad and his favorite chair.  The chair he jumps up from to cheer on his favorite team, the seat where he enjoys a fresh cigar after a long work day, and the only place just right for his Sunday afternoon nap is his sanctuary. What links Dad to that one special chair? The Construction Marcel Breuer… Dad’s Favorite Chair

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Amish Wooden Toys for Summertime Fun

Beth Rice 10/06/2016

I was recently in the grocery store line and watched, with the gentleman in front of me, as a young child ahead of us became frustrated with his mother’s cell phone.  He scowled as he pushed a flurry of buttons on the device. His mother asked him what was wrong, and he cried that the game wouldn’t work, with a little stomp of his feet. The gentleman shook his head.  Once the boy and his mother were… Amish Wooden Toys for Summertime Fun

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10 Uses for Wagons and Wheelbarrows

Debra Gingerich 06/06/2016

Wooden wagons and wheelbarrows may seem like a thing of the past; however not only are they still useful for gardening, they also make great wedding, party and home accents. Read on for new and trending ideas for using wagons and wheelbarrows on the big day and beyond. The Big Day 1. Flower Girl Wagon A wooden goat wagon makes for a memorable flower girl entrance! You have the perfect flower girl in mind, but she’s only been walking… 10 Uses for Wagons and Wheelbarrows

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