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New Poly Features for 2021

Beth Rice 14/01/2021

With so many of us sprucing up our outdoor spaces, poly furniture has taken on some new features to help furnish your outdoors in style for 2021. What’s New for Poly Furniture? Poly furniture continues to bring its A game in 2021, being an eco friendly outdoor furniture choice built from recycled plastics like milk jugs and detergent bottles. There’s no change to the poly we’ve all come to know and love, the outdoor furniture… New Poly Features for 2021

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The Pressback Dining Chair

Beth Rice 07/01/2021

A pressback dining chair brings home the look and feel of hand carved wood. Pressback chairs feature intricate designs in the chair crest rail. The designs are often leaves or acorns or a combination of the two. These designs are no longer carved by hand, and craftsmen have found ways to produce pressbacks more quickly and efficiently. How are they made in Amish country? Let’s take a look at the pressback chair, a popular choice… The Pressback Dining Chair

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