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How To Set Up A Coffee Bar Cabinet

Beth Rice 29/06/2023

The smell, the frothiness, the taste. It’s become a favorite morning ritual. Brewing up a pot of coffee, fixing it and enjoying it goes on in households across the country. While many pick up their coffee on the run, there’s no doubt about it that coffee bar cabinets are becoming popular stations within the home. The lure of the coffee bar cabinet. If you enjoy coffee and all that goes with it, setting up your… How To Set Up A Coffee Bar Cabinet

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Wooden High Chair Showcase

Beth Rice 15/06/2023

Wooden high chairs shine with features high chairs made of other materials don’t offer. Those features include maximum durability, a classic look and sustainable character. The classic and elegant looks offered by wooden high chairs make them more aesthetically pleasing. They’re a lovely seat for your little one, and they blend beautifully pulled up to the dinner table. Benefits of Wooden High Chairs Let’s start with the durability. Solid wood addresses one of the most… Wooden High Chair Showcase

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Amish Games and Entertainment

Beth Rice 08/06/2023

Always popular on Timber to Table are our guest posts by Erik Wesner. Erik runs the Amish America website ( and YouTube channel ( Welcome back Erik! Like any other people, the Amish, both young and old, enjoy various games and entertainment. While you won’t find video game consoles or other worldly, high-tech entertainment devices in Amish homes, they do manage to find many forms of recreation that fit within their culture and beliefs. And like many things Amish,… Amish Games and Entertainment

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