Space Saver: Corner Fireplace

Jayca Pike 17/11/2014

This blog post was updated on October 29, 2018 with new corner fireplace suggestions.

We love a well-placed wood fireplace, from its decorated mantle to its fiery glow.

But does everyone really have room for one? Could a corner fireplace keep you just as cozy?

The Benefits of an Electric Corner Fireplace

Bulky and laborious, a real wood fireplace may look like a fantasy, but it requires substantial investments in time, money, and square footage.

By utilizing a wasted corner, corner fireplaces make a big impact with a small footprint.

A nestled corner fireplace not only warms the whole space with ease, but it augments the floor plan, too. Here are several options for tucking one of these luxurious beauties into your living or bedroom.

Create a cozy nook with a corner fireplace with bookcases on either side.

Our favorite Idea? Storage.

Add personality to your room by aligning executive bookshelves on either side. In this living room, our Barnwood Corner Fireplace tucks between two imposing bookcases, adding light (both figuratively and literally) to a space that could easily be overwhelmed by clutter or height. The white upholstered sofa set and airy coffee table keep things gracious and graceful with their breezy arched lines.

Create an illusion of more cohesive design by “extending” your mantel into the shelves — keeping the shelves and mantel at the same height and roughly the same wood type and color works to draw the eye around the room.

Here are a few more corner fireplaces to inspire you:Amish Cascadia Corner Electric Fireplace TV Stand

Our Peconic Fireplace TV Stand features contemporary style that will never go out of style.

Amish Classic Corner TV Stand LED Electric Fireplace

For a rustic look try our Amish Mattituck Fireplace TV Stand in Hickory.

Enjoy the convenience, warmth, and beauty of a new corner fireplace today.

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