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10 Questions About Amish Fireplaces

Beth Rice 15/10/2020

Amish fireplaces have become a popular piece of Amish furniture in homes across the country. All of our Amish made fireplaces include electric units, eliminating clean up, increasing safety, saving money and warming the rooms where families spend time together. Each fireplace adds exquisite solid wood style and fine craftsmanship to the room where it is placed. Offering a variety of standalone fireplace units, as well as fireplaces built into entertainment centers and TV stands,… 10 Questions About Amish Fireplaces

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Space Saver: Corner Fireplace

Jayca Pike 17/11/2014

This blog post was updated on October 29, 2018 with new corner fireplace suggestions. We love a well-placed wood fireplace, from its decorated mantle to its fiery glow. But does everyone really have room for one? Could a corner fireplace keep you just as cozy? The Benefits of an Electric Corner Fireplace Bulky and laborious, a real wood fireplace may look like a fantasy, but it requires substantial investments in time, money, and square footage.… Space Saver: Corner Fireplace

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