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Space Saving Corner Furniture

Beth Rice 03/09/2020

Corner furniture helps save space as it enhances a corner. It makes a great addition to homes with limited space. In addition to its space saving quality, corner furniture is there to help organize, add storage, brighten a dark spot and add beauty. If you’ve been grappling with a room layout or struggling with finding the right spot to add some storage, we suggest turning to your nearest corner and giving it a good look.… Space Saving Corner Furniture

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Buffet, Sideboard or Hutch–What’s the Difference?

Beth Rice 10/05/2018

No, you’re not a rule breaker. There’s a chance you might have a sideboard in your dining room or a buffet in your living room, since they’re very similar and the terms used to describe both are interchangeable. When it comes down to it, sideboards, buffets and hutches share the common goals of providing storage and offering a serving area or a display space. Here are the subtle differences that set them apart. LOCATION, LOCATION,… Buffet, Sideboard or Hutch–What’s the Difference?

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