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The Urban Barnwood Collection

Beth Rice 23/01/2020

Sustainable, warm and unique, barnwood furniture is making its mark. At DutchCrafters, our Amish woodworkers take pride in their sustainable practices and crafting with reclaimed wood embraces sustainability on a whole new level. While there’s no doubt barnwood furniture is beautiful, the story goes much deeper than just knocking down barns and making furniture out of them. The Urban Barnwood Collection here at DutchCrafters is in high demand, and when Jonathan Fell, the sales manager… The Urban Barnwood Collection

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Bringing Barnwood Inside: Will You Go Rustic Or Contemporary?

Beth Rice 05/12/2019

What is the appeal of something old and worn? Is it the wisdom it possesses? Is it the stories it has to tell? A display from Urban Barnwood sits right inside the DutchCrafters Showroom in Sarasota, Florida. It features samples of real barnwood in different stains. The legs are thick and strong, the colors are warm, and the knots are real. It shows the possibilities we offer for custom-made barnwood furniture that brings with it… Bringing Barnwood Inside: Will You Go Rustic Or Contemporary?

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All About Farmhouse Furniture

Beth Rice 25/07/2019

Simple. Practical. Hardworking. These are three principles behind the design of farmhouse furniture. The Inspiration Behind Farmhouse Furniture Farmhouse design grew from the farmer’s lifestyle. Just think of the farmer: Up at dawn (or earlier) working as the sun rises and sets, returning home after a full day’s work to wash up, eat a meal to replenish, relax a little and retire for the evening. Simply put, farmhouses are homes built on farmland that the… All About Farmhouse Furniture

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