DutchCrafters: Amish Made for the American Home

DutchCrafters furniture is Amish made for the American home. What does that mean? It means: American lumber is crafted into custom furniture in small American woodshops in Ohio, Indiana, and Pennsylvania and delivered to your homes by DutchCrafters, an American small business.

Learn more about Amish furniture and custom order your own right here at DutchCrafters!

Amish Made Video Transcript

The sun rises over the Midwest farmland and Amish woodworkers are already hard at work, crafting custom solid wood furniture in their woodworking shops.
Amish made for the American home. Order yours today at DutchCrafters. 

Amish Made Furniture

Driving through the hills of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, you’ll see cars sharing the road with buggies; homes with no electric lines running to them; and colorful dresses hanging outside on clotheslines. You’ll find a similar experience in Holmes County, OH, and LaGrange County, Indiana. In each of these regions, Amish folks are neighbors, coworkers, and community members. 

But in this midwest farmland, Amish church members have their own way of life. In the woodshop, their workday begins before dawn, as Amish woodworkers arrive and get to work. These men and women often start their days between 4:00 and 5:30 AM. 

The early start is just one example of the dedication to the craft that makes Amish woodworkers different. Their furniture is built with genuine hardwoods, cut and shaped with precision, and combined with durable joints. Amish woodworkers’ attention to detail makes all the difference. 

Built for American Homes

This furniture is made not only in America but also for American homes. Through our stores and website, dutchcrafters.com, we sell Amish furniture across the country. It’s built in Indiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, and delivered across the contiguous 48 states. 

There is a traditional element in Amish furniture, but you may be surprised to learn that most Amish furniture is designed with an eye toward trends in the interior design industry. Even without digital media, Amish woodworkers keep an eye on competitors, view furniture in shows, and get ideas for their next designs wherever they can. It’s not just traditional furniture for traditional homes. Amish furniture is really all styles of furniture for any American home! 

These popular styles and trendy designs can then be adapted specifically for your home through the customization process. Select your finish colors, hardware, and much more to make Amish furniture a perfect fit in your home!

Shop Amish furniture for your home right here at dutchcrafters.com. 

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