DutchCrafters: Built to Last

DutchCrafters Amish furniture is built to last by talented craftspeople right here in America. They bring together solid hardwoods and time-honored construction techniques to produce beautiful, heirloom-quality furniture. Learn more and order your custom furniture right here at DutchCrafters.

Built to Last Video Transcript

Yesterday, it was handcrafted in an Amish woodshop.
Tomorrow, your friends will admire it.
And one day, your great-grandkids will ask about it.
Beautiful solid wood furniture, built to last. Order yours at DutchCrafters.

Your Furniture’s Journey

Every piece of furniture takes a journey, but the lifespan of Amish furniture is much longer than most!

Building Amish Furniture to Last

Amish furniture is crafted from solid hardwoods sourced right here in America. These hardwoods are brought to Amish woodshops on farmland in the midwest United States. Before long, the woodworkers will get to work, shaping and constructing your furniture using the best time-honored construction techniques.

After construction of your furniture, it’s sent to a finish shop for staining and catalyzed conversion varnish to protect the wood. Then, it’s delivered to your home. 

Heirloom-Quality Construction

Once in your home, your furniture will be shared, admired, utilized, appreciated, and roughed up with time. But with a little care, the durable finish, outstanding construction techniques, and solid hardwood will last for decades. We call this heirloom-quality construction. From heavy, thick table bases to mortise-and-tenon construction, these products are built to be passed down to the next generation. 

Shop heirloom-quality furniture right here at DutchCrafters. 

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